The Planters

Eileen Caparas wears many hats in Young Seed.

As a student in U.P. she learned about her Filipino identity and the beauty of the Filipino culture.  As an MA (master of arts) student in Basic Education in Ateneo, she learned about Ignatian pedagogy (science of teaching & learning) and how it produces excellent yet compassionate students.  As a child development specialist and a mother, she always says how it is so much easier to teach her students than her kids:).  

Because her kids started reading chapter books in Grade 1, she believes that every child can be a good reader, even those who are learning English as a second language. 

Last but not the least, as a Preschool Teacher of 12 years, a Curriculum Coordinator and Teacher Trainer for 10 years, and as a teacher of the early grades for two years, she believes in the potential of both the novice and experienced teacher and how like in her case, there is always room for a teacher to grow as long as she will have a mentor who believes in her.


Jara King Amarillo

(BS Psychology / Certificate of Education)


Mia Stephanie Borres

(BS Psychology)


Erika Kristina Abanto

(BA in Communication Arts / Certificate of Education)


Hannah Trisha Mendoza

(Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Education)


Aiza de Guia

(Bachelor in Education major in Preschool)