The Farm

Opened in March 2016, Young Seed is a preschool that offers a program of education that is progressive – small class size, learning by doing, yet affordable.


Like a seed, a young child grows in good soil. Young Seed Preschool is good soil. It nurtures the growth of children by giving them caring teachers, showering them with tools and materials, and planting God’s love in their hearts.


Young Seed Preschool is a school that nurtures the holistic growth of young children by understanding who they are and how they learn so that they become curious and active learners, emergent readers & writers, competent communicators, and cooperative members of a group.

Young Seed is a preschool that nurtures a young child’s interests and talents, educates using developmentally appropriate practices, develops academic and non-academic skills, and forms a child’s character. The curriculum is integrated into subject matter areas, tied together by a Social Studies curriculum.  The school uses the resources and talents of the community: artists, musicians, bakers, shoemakers, dentists, or firefighters to enrich the Social Studies curriculum.

Young Seed Preschool recognizes the importance of a strong and mutually beneficial home-school connection in the optimal growth and development of young children.  It seeks to establish an open, harmonious relationship with the child’s parents and significant others.

Young Seed is a preschool that supports a teacher’s continuous growth in knowledge and skills in early childhood education, and her personal growth in virtue, through Christian formation. It aims to train teachers to provide high quality care to very young children, and to provide them opportunities to develop integrity, trust worthiness and good moral conduct as teachers.